Upcoming Events


Tuesday March 6th and Wednesday March 7th at Loyola Campus, sign up to get a therapeutic massage by one of our amazing Athletic Therapy students! Massages will be in room SP S165.15. Click below to sign up for a 30 min massage for 20$. Payments will be due at time of appointment in cash or e-transfer (info for e-transfer will be given at time of appointment).

*All proceeds go to the Exercise Science Spring Formal Committee*

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We have a new initiative we are bringing to you this year to encourage inter-year collaborations along with a competitive spark to our events. We present to you EXCI GAMES!


What is it?


EXCI GAMES is a cross year competition where throughout the year you are going to accumulate points for various activities (such as group photos, trivia, attendance at events, etc). By the end of the semester, one year will be the WINNER! While you compete amongst each other, each year (regardless of your specialization) will work together to help score as many points as possible.


What is the prize?


We are still in the process of finding the best prize for all of you, but it will be great!


When do we know who won?


While ESSA will be posting updates on the score totals, the FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT will be made at the EXCI FORMAL in the spring so make sure you come out to claim the prize!


What is the point?


While a friendly competition is the main goal, ESSA has been moving toward inclusion and cohesiveness for all specializations and years. We would like to see this bring our students even closer together, and it also gives you more motivation to participate in ongoing events.


Will there be special events?


We do have budget for new events like trivia night, exci games day, etc. and we will try our best to make them happen



1st YEAR                                   14 pts

2nd YEAR                                  33 pts

3rd YEAR                                   22 pts

4th YEAR                                   19 pts

    • Frosh/Intro Week
    • Kickoff Events
    • Quadfest
    • First year elections
    • Fall Pubcrawl
    • Collaborative Pubcrawl
    • INFO/Career Night
    • Wellness Week
    • Wine and Cheese
    • Winter Pubcrawl
    • Clothing Order
    • At Tape Order
    • ATESC CTSQ Conference Banquet
    • Kin Games @ Manitoba
    • Spring Formal