What Does Each Position Do?


The president is responsible for overseeing all matters pertaining to ESSA. The President's role is constantly changing and adapting to the needs of the council, and ensuring that the association runs smoothly. 

VP Academic

VP Academic is responsible for attending all faculty and program specific meetings with faculty, and represent ESSA at these events. Additionally, they are responsible for planning specific academic events like Info Night and being a voice for the students.

VP Internal

Sometimes called the booking officer, VP Internal of ESSA is responsible for all internal matters including but not limited to booking spaces, communications with faculty and much more. They are someone who is organized and capable of managing time and ensuring that documents are submitted early and when needed

VP External/Social

VP External is responsible to planning and organizing social events within the MA as well as collaborating with other MAs and groups. The primary goal is to allow students to network and engage outside of the classroom in a free and open environment. 

VP Communications

They are responsible for maintaining and updating all social media and communications with students and external. This includes Facebook, ESSA Website, Twitter, Email, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. 

VP Finance

The finance VP is responsible for creating and updating ESSA's budget prior to the school year and from then on counting and ensuring that all financial matters are handled. They are some who is trustworthy and responsible and having banking experience is a huge asset!

AT and CEP Reps

New positions added to improve ESSA's inclusivity, these reps are responsible for being a voice for each program and bringing academic, social and other matters of all years to the attention of council for improvements.

Each Year Reps

4th, 3rd, 2nd and elected 1st year reps are responsible for being a liaison between each year and ESSA. They make announcements in class and are responsible for helping out whenever they can in other events.

ASFA Councillor

The ASFA Councillor must attend all ASFA meetings every month and represents the MA by voting and engaging in matters that affect Concordia University. Their attendance is imperative to the continued support of ASFA both financially and academically and learning the way Robert's Rules works is a crucial part of the job to follow what transpires during the meetings.

Document with all positions described

Official Descriptions of Positions
ESSA Positions.pdf
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