Research Awards & Grants

All are welcome to submit applications. You can put your names forward to the Departmental Awards Committee if you feel you may qualify for an award. A CV and cover letter is required for each award.


All applicants must send their application BY APRIL 20TH AT 4PM:


1) Graduate with Highest Academic Standing Award

Highest cumulative GPA


2) CSEP Award

Highest core science GPA


3) Ed Enos Award

Athlete with final cumulative GPA > or = 3.75


4) Most Outstanding Graduate as Chosen by Faculty Award

The award for the most outstanding graduate as chosen by the faculty is given to the student who we feel has made major contributions to the department over the course of their academic career. This award is not based solely on academic achievement as we must also consider overall academic performance when selecting the student. Selection of the student will be based on the following criteria: High GPA Contributions to department including: ESSA, Open houses, alumni events, garnet key society, etc. Overall academic performance Contributions to community


5) Most Outstanding Graduate (as chosen by the Students)

This award is given to the student, who in the opinion of their peers, is the most outstanding graduate. The students conduct a vote to select their candidate.


6) Lord Strathcona Award

Lord Strathcona who was the High commissioner for Canada in London in 1909 showed great interest in the promotion and education of youth in the schools of Canada. He was especially interested in promoting the teaching of physical education. He started the Strathcona foundation to promote physical activity, academic achievement and develop good citizenship in young adults. The Regional Cadet Support Unit (Eastern) gives the opportunity to Universities in Quebec to offer an award to a student who was greatly involved in an area related to physical activity and physical education.


Selection of the student will be based on the following criteria: Student that is physically active Involvement in the promotion of physical health Good citizenship Good academic standing


7) Richard W. Pound award

In addition to being the former Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Richard Pound was also the founding Chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA; 1999-2007) and remains a member of its Foundation board. He has also given generously of his time to frequently visit and interact with students in Exercise Science and Concordia University. The Richard W. Pound Award will recognize a graduating student who has shown the principles that Richard Pound has abided by throughout his years as an Olympian and with the IOC. We are referring to the principles and qualities of honesty, integrity, motivation, leadership, and community service that one of our fellow students has demonstrated throughout their years of study on the Department of Exercise Science.


To be eligible for Richard W. Pound Award, the student nominee must: Be on the graduation list from the Department of Exercise Science. Have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 on a 4.30 scale. Have been an active member and participant of a volunteer program in the greater Montreal area, Concordia University or in the Department of Exercise Science anytime during the last three years. (Letter of support from Program Director may be required) Have taken a leadership role in organizing extracurricular activities at Concordia University or within the Department of Exercise Science. Be nominated by two Exercise Science students who are on the graduation list. All nominations must include a signed form and a resume of the nominee.